There many sides to a coin toss, heads or tail. I did toss a coin, I had neither. It landed on its side caught up in the sands. You see sand is never stable, I’m sinking fast.

I forgave easily and yet you say I am petty.

When am quiet, I’m giving you an attitude.

When I don’t allow myself to be played around, you say it’s my pride.

If I were torn in between I would have mended myself, it wouldn’t be the first time, and I would be up on my feet in no time. This time, the very feet meant to hold me are the ones that take me down. Am trying float but do you care?

I go out of my way to help and its hypocrisy.

When the love was truly that deep, it was cliché.

When I came around, you shut me out in the cold rain.

Now I have become the one either of us don’t know, you set your fingers against me, the smiles we shared are gone, I have lost face, I’m but an emotional shadow, I have reviled and I have become empty, I’m a cinema with no seats, you are not welcome.

Your views are now the passing wind and I won’t wear a hat

I am deaf to your words, the sirens do not amplify them.

I see through you, truly I do, you are the hallucination I cured

And yet I can’t stop playing the part in this script, I am your very shadow, hidden in the dark, I am the true nature within and we are all sinking in this sand. The words have piled up in domes and for the sand storms I sink in buts not that I fear most, it’s the flood that is coming, the tears that are flowing ,the tears I cannot let out because am a shadow, I’m not you.


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