So Close…

Is this the end?

Is this what we fought for?

I looked over into your clear blue eyes and wondered if this is where we’d end up when I met you. You see, there are those moments when like the dramatic scene in movies your eyes meet and all other things were in the blur? Well that didn’t happen, it was a clear misunderstanding of order, the very thing that would be missing from this… from us.

Had we been no so close to perfect, we wouldn’t have messed it up. Is it pure human nature? To give up when we almost made it or to reck things that were perfectly made. Consider why would we have global warming and all the animals we claim to “have had alive” that went extinct by our own doings. All the opportunities we lost because we were too proud or too cowardly. We couldn’t stand up for ourselves or were afraid of what whoever thought.

Well damn society’s double standards!

Whatever you do people would complain, even if you did everything everyone wanted, people would still complain and yes

Oh You sycophant!

So why did we let this happen? Why did we give up because we could be happy? Why did we allow the world to come between us? If they were against us all along, why did their opinion matter, that we’d be accepted?

Come on, that ship has far sailed, it’s gone off course and marooned off somewhere, somewhere within us. If we dig to get it out we’d hurt each other we’d be dead before it’s realized in a classic ode to Romeo n Juliet.

I was afraid we’d hurt each other, having grown up into evangelical that “it must hurt to do good”, I hope I did just right by you. The prime thought I had sworn never to do had stuck on.

We are marked,oh sons and daughters of Cain!

The inherent evil borne by our fathers followed us out of the womb and the faultless though of love, drawn by the my own hands, has led us here. Now that I have killed you, now that I am dying next to you, oh darling what have we done?


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