Love me!

This is not an emotional train wreck that needs fixing.

This is not an immature playbook competition.

This is not the perfect gentleman you will find in movies. We are both crazy!

I’m not trying to get in your pants.

I can cook for myself, I’m probably a better cook.

I actually like being alone. It helps me process my thoughts and conceptualize my work.

I don’t need to show anyone off, I don’t believe in impressing strangers.

What people think doesn’t matter to me, they will talk anyway.

I’m not needy either, such people actually annoy me.

Truth is …


Don’t make me your project to fix, I want you and that is that. I want you to want me too, with my ‘douchey’ self and bad fashion taste. With all my fake facades to the little boy that hides within; the one you only know. I want you to go all out, and I will be the love drunk dude to support you all the way. I want to be the best friend that you can be messy and clean with. I want to love you, I just hope that you will love me same.



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