Strangers 1

She watched from behind, the stranger that breathed heavily faceward to the elevator door. She was drawn to him, and it was hard to tell why. Was it the height heavy stature or the strongly moisturized hair? This is not the first they’d met, there’d been many times before. She observed him well enough to know, he was an ardent smoker who drank a lot of coffee. Distilled, without milk or sugar. The mid forty Caucasian was about 6’5. She could particularly tell, not being so short either.

A model by profession, she’d been on the covers of many publications. She was the lesser known type of public figure, she’d lived in that spotlight since her teenage years, a place she particularly loved. The places where she wished to be admired by the very stranger that stood before her. Had he taken notice and not cared?

The theory of attraction states that unlike poles do attract. Had emotional attraction worked liked magnetism, I bet this lift scenario would be different, the darlings would be shuffling round in uncontrolled passion, the opening doors leaving a little not to be embarrassed of.

She stared at the stranger probably for the last time as the doors slowly fell apart to the reception lobby. She was relocating out of town, the international lights had fallen on her. She’d passed by her local agent to finalize things and hoped she’d catch a glance at the man of mystery.

Just about he stepping out, he turned. She looked up, trying to keep her calm, her heart skipping by the second. He reached towards her, she froze and closed her eyes. He then took her hand and whispered into the dead quiet of her rumbling heart. She opened her eyes to the stranger walking away. In her hand lay a strand of fabric; must have mingled up with her hair. She clutched on to the souvenir and stepped out, regaining composure, yet lingering in her thoughts were the strangers words

“You are beautiful”.


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