Loves arrow is sharp, I draw it through my heart and watch myself bleed. My heart was slone.

Blood is indeed red, I have not seen much of it as today. It’s so much It’s enough to paint my heart out onto a canvas, then I hope you’d see what I truly felt.

I’d gasp for air, I was not the fish to swim in your love, I’m just a boy who thought this play would never end. A part of me is still sitting in the dark seats waiting for the show, phantomed by love.

Emotional pain is real, the strike of pain in my chest like the lash of lightning by the storm you brought with you, you’ve torn my kite into pieces and I thought the wind loved me.

I should be mad, blazing like an inferno. I wished the earth would quake with me, let’s resonate together, hopefully then I won’t be alone, I wouldn’t have to watch my heavy heart rip me through the spine.




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