Architects Dilemma

As beautifully crafted as ever the architect has laid down his own of the final details, as least for now. Truthfully we are the most indecisive when it comes to design, we always wish to make a change, add something, take away the other. Unfortunately the client is indecisive either or maybe or maybe not, however at the end the client must be satisfied.

The brief usually presented in a single line at first glance my seem to be a ride in park but the devil that lies in the detail. Before long this single sentence evolves into long laborious conversations that span weeks if not months.

It begins with excitement et all, the new things you could try, all the ideas you’ll want to perfect. In fact it is a shared dream basically, you, the Client, want a house, I want to realize my ideas.

For the first week this idealism would resonate till the clients first meeting, if only the prior site visits did not steal part of the joy. At first it’s reconfigurable, you can have that. Then you watch as certain details are taken out, sadly, yet with hope for the overall outcome.

Then the clients want to turn the design upside down, in the process defeating all the carefully thought out patterns, it’s at this point you wonder if the client wanted to play architect. You’ve given up by now, confiding in the fact that the design would never be built.

“It’s one of those fussy people…”

So after weeks of changes, the client shows up only to tell you the want they want the initial design. At this point if you’d be lucky enough to have the project (because you would have probably deleted it by now or have so many versions you can’t recall which) you can breathe. You’ll be probability get mad.

Shouldn’t I be when all this time and energy was wasted?

It’s far worse when the client confides in you of their motives. All along they wanted to show the design to other people (who they believe to be architects but in reality are unskilled artisans). I should be blowing up by now but then you are the client and you must be satisfied. So we forge on back to the initial design but then over the weeks I think I have a new idea.

I am now undecided.


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