I’m inspired to create from nature, movement and behavior. Before a space is defined , I’m left to wander, what do I want to feel, what do I want to see? Need I be stricken in awe or should I be in ambience? A bask of glory at the hand. If I be like the wind, that needs to float around the space, would it allow me be? what direction would you lead me? What would be preview to my eyes?

how would the drama unfold as the curtain draws?

Design should be a cultural expression, that I could identify with, it’s rhythm should be in sync with sway, it should express within me what I express without. Alike two lovers of passion, the heat should burn in my skin unharmed, I should yearn to be here, and linger in leaving.

Design should evoke subdued thoughts, it should proclaim aloud what I am shy to say, it should read my heart and draw my emotions to its song. Architecture should be music, music in my eyes, the eye candy pleasing, to my comfort, to my presence.

Process! Process! Process!

Ring home the bell of what must be done. The unending cycle of thoughts that run us tired. I should be excited; in fact I am, yet I’m exhausted. This emotional roller coaster would roll me crazy.

My mental health is at risk. Apparently 90 percent of the world is in one state of of madness or the other. I am average, I am mad. The profession has made of use of the hysterics within. Away with sanity’s coverage. This passing wind must become a storm.

I’m flooding in emotions, decision making is hard. The ideas are like many lovers, but the player must eventually settle down, it should be satisfactory, it should please, it should be glorious.

it should design… X


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