So I’m single, I’m now overly qualified to give relationship advice. Lol.

I became the “go to guy far” back in high school. From concocting love letters to helping friends with girl issues. I proof read and analyzed more content than most publishers yet I had never loved, nor been in love, at least not in that way. Funny thing is I knew what to say, the relationship progeny.

“I have dished out quite a fair amount of advice, yet for most of my life I have been single”

It’s weird however that I couldn’t save mine when the time arose, I guess I had given so much I must have run out. I must have been too much in love to see the answers before me.

Love is blind.

Well, it’s public knowledge that many relationship experts in the media have ended up single, separated or divorced. There are exceptional ones; who have never been with anyone, like your priest, the most likely person to be your marriage counselor. Too many “perfect couples goals” who wrote manuscripts about their “happy ever afters”have split. Their good thing didn’t last forever, the hopeless romantics couldn’t catch the wild goose.

What is it that makes single people the best advisors?

Let compare it to football, the spectators in the stand are cheering, and pressure is mounting. The need for action and the space for sanity place constraints on the mind. Too many players are moving over the ball, either wants to win.

Love is a game.

The spectators have the advantage of the bigger picture, they see all the factors at play, though they may have never touched a ball, they know the best course of action. Self explanatory?

Would this make me better at love? I am left to wonder, with all the scenarios I had come across, and the experience at hand, have I suddenly become the perfect husband when personally the idea a perfect partner is surrealistic?

Maybe, just maybe, I have gotten a hang of this but surety is far off. This ever changing game of love leaves every player a novice. It’s never the same, with ever swinging moods and emotions. Have I learnt anything all? Has this study not been a waste of time, of incoherent theories and subjective outcomes?

I’m I even making sense here?

Love is madness.



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