Rich kid with a sound mind

I really like you if you don’t mind

I should consider you short as five

But I like your vibe

Lol you know you got a weird nose

Kinda tweak it, never mind I want it that close

This feeling finally gonna kill me

Draw a spear through my heart as you woo me

Damn! Stop I think I like your mess

I want to show you different, what is like to be disfunctionally psycho love you miss

I see how your eyes glaze at those guys, I was looking, I noticed and wondered how you saw me.

You trying to hide it, but you want love too. Lay down by and tell me, let your bothers include me

I am fronting, I am afraid. Even now, the you’ll read between these lines and find me

I can’t call out to you, I’d be wrong. It would be wrong. This new friendship suits more than not being lost to you.

Typically you not my type but you got me into you

This is crazy, my love is crazy but that won’t be new to you. We both insane, yep you know that.

And I like that

Listen, I don’t have many friends, so just this time, I don’t intend to, but if you feel the same, and wanna work this out in short space, for a long time, call out my name.

Van Corb.


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