You, me?

And as explicitly as could be the words that flew from my lips, I had wanted love, I had wanted to be happy; happy in love.

Affection has its way of creeping around ones soul. It twines and circles, latching to memory, tapping emotions and hanging on, lingering like the touch of a lover.

It’s the haze of it that leaves us blind, most in fact to the demons we thought were angels, such fine skin they wore!

Must I love you so? Do you even know?

Suddenly, you are lingering in my thoughts. Your love is forbidden, they say you a hoe! You believe so, and in as much I cannot bring myself to it. I guess you like the label so;

You know what you did last summer!

I want to bear you scars, the romantically dominated Harley. The publicity much more negative, would still be publicity anyway. Why bother? Let me pull up on your lawn with my love and my stereo in gothic renaissance

I torture you

Take my hand through the flames

I torture you

I’m a slave to your games

I’m just a sucker for pain

I wanna chain you up

I wanna tie you down

I’m just a sucker for pain

~lyrics from sucker for pain~


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