Lost town

Let loose! Go with the flow!

The ‘angry’ youth have taken up their arms and have let fingers do the harm. We are about to troll this guy. Let’s forget home training for the popular crowd. It’s nice to be part of the cool kids. With every like and follow, we are socially richer, you don’t need to be rich in reality. We are rich brats anyway!

The street corners are empty, the noisy megaphone blaring out at the passengers are gone. The evangelist has gotten enough to set up a church, and by the hand of a miracle, the lords work is done. It’s time to get rich, the popularity currency is that powerful. The items must go on sale, you must book an appointment, you must buy the anointed suvineers. The new pastor must buy a Bentley for his 6 year old child.

We are wasting away at the work place we dreamed of, sadly the efforts we put in are unimpressive to the boss whose criteria to promotion lay not in but beds, desks, the staff restroom, anywhere else but merit and soon all the daft stooges are who you must respond to, fodder must it be to chickens. Who says sex doesn’t pay?

A circus of figures, short and tall alike, round and thin all through. Yet you dare not be the odd peg among the odds. You will be shamed. We are keeping up with the Kardashian’s. We all have a plastic surgeon to correct our abnormalities.



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