Vixen on the Loose

Put on those heels

Line your lips and your eyes

Watch me drag these skimpy clothes on my back

I can’t wait for love, I am out to get satisfied.

Broken little girls have put up walls, and have become impenetrable. She has braced her self against the odds, against society, against standards. She’s embraced a pole and held on to this metal hope. She’s out to enchant and make hers, the lovers that have stood unaware.

Pray for her,

We all watch as the preacher frantically laid hands on her. Her new found solace were “demons”; they must be removed, she must be saved.

This is not the first time, this won’t be the last.

I watched, eyes open in prayer, the holy server next in line to priesthood. We caught eyes, and emotions. The perversion that entranced us in the mist of prayer. The little priest has found his way to the first seat of the club.

First you deny.

Then you decide to play savior.

Then you are entranced.

Then you are the devil.

I am entranced by you, but yours is the pole. You have chosen, yours is this spotlight. Yours is the cinematic gaze of groove moody colors.

I must go out with satisfaction.

I am out to make my own light

There’s a vixen on the loose…



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