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Architects Dilemma

Architects Dilemma

As beautifully crafted as ever the architect has laid down his own of the final details, as least for now. Truthfully we are the most indecisive when it comes to design, we always wish to make a change, add something, take away the other. Unfortunately the client is indecisive either or maybe or maybe not, however at the end the client must be satisfied.

The brief usually presented in a single line at first glance my seem to be a ride in park but the devil that lies in the detail. Before long this single sentence evolves into long laborious conversations that span weeks if not months.

It begins with excitement et all, the new things you could try, all the ideas you’ll want to perfect. In fact it is a shared dream basically, you, the Client, want a house, I want to realize my ideas.

For the first week this idealism would resonate till the clients first meeting, if only the prior site visits did not steal part of the joy. At first it’s reconfigurable, you can have that. Then you watch as certain details are taken out, sadly, yet with hope for the overall outcome.

Then the clients want to turn the design upside down, in the process defeating all the carefully thought out patterns, it’s at this point you wonder if the client wanted to play architect. You’ve given up by now, confiding in the fact that the design would never be built.

“It’s one of those fussy people…”

So after weeks of changes, the client shows up only to tell you the want they want the initial design. At this point if you’d be lucky enough to have the project (because you would have probably deleted it by now or have so many versions you can’t recall which) you can breathe. You’ll be probability get mad.

Shouldn’t I be when all this time and energy was wasted?

It’s far worse when the client confides in you of their motives. All along they wanted to show the design to other people (who they believe to be architects but in reality are unskilled artisans). I should be blowing up by now but then you are the client and you must be satisfied. So we forge on back to the initial design but then over the weeks I think I have a new idea.

I am now undecided.



Loves arrow is sharp, I draw it through my heart and watch myself bleed. My heart was slone.

Blood is indeed red, I have not seen much of it as today. It’s so much It’s enough to paint my heart out onto a canvas, then I hope you’d see what I truly felt.

I’d gasp for air, I was not the fish to swim in your love, I’m just a boy who thought this play would never end. A part of me is still sitting in the dark seats waiting for the show, phantomed by love.

Emotional pain is real, the strike of pain in my chest like the lash of lightning by the storm you brought with you, you’ve torn my kite into pieces and I thought the wind loved me.

I should be mad, blazing like an inferno. I wished the earth would quake with me, let’s resonate together, hopefully then I won’t be alone, I wouldn’t have to watch my heavy heart rip me through the spine.



Strangers 1

Strangers 1

She watched from behind, the stranger that breathed heavily faceward to the elevator door. She was drawn to him, and it was hard to tell why. Was it the height heavy stature or the strongly moisturized hair? This is not the first they’d met, there’d been many times before. She observed him well enough to know, he was an ardent smoker who drank a lot of coffee. Distilled, without milk or sugar. The mid forty Caucasian was about 6’5. She could particularly tell, not being so short either.

A model by profession, she’d been on the covers of many publications. She was the lesser known type of public figure, she’d lived in that spotlight since her teenage years, a place she particularly loved. The places where she wished to be admired by the very stranger that stood before her. Had he taken notice and not cared?

The theory of attraction states that unlike poles do attract. Had emotional attraction worked liked magnetism, I bet this lift scenario would be different, the darlings would be shuffling round in uncontrolled passion, the opening doors leaving a little to be embarrassed of.

She stared at the stranger probably for the last time as the doors slowly fell apart to the reception lobby. She was relocating out of town, the international lights had fallen on her. She’d passed by her local agent to finalize things and hoped she’d catch a glance at the man of mystery.

Just about he stepping out, he turned. She looked up, trying to keep her calm, her heart skipping by the second. He reached towards her, she froze and closed her eyes. He then took her hand and whispered into the dead quiet of her rumbling heart. She opened her eyes to the stranger walking away. In her hand lay a strand of fabric; must have mingled up with her hair. She clutched on to the souvenir and stepped out, regaining composure, yet lingering in her thoughts were the strangers words

“You are beautiful”.

Love me!

Love me!

This is not an emotional train wreck that needs fixing.

This is not an immature playbook competition.

This is not the perfect gentleman you will find in movies. We are both crazy!

I’m not trying to get in your pants.

I can cook for myself, I’m probably a better cook.

I actually like being alone. It helps me process my thoughts and conceptualize my work.

I don’t need to show anyone off, I don’t believe in impressing strangers.

What people think doesn’t matter to me, they will talk anyway.

I’m not needy either, such people actually annoy me.

Truth is …


Don’t make me your project to fix, I want you and that is that. I want you to want me too, with my ‘douchey’ self and bad fashion taste. With all my fake facades to the little boy that hides within; the one you only know. I want you to go all out, and I will be the love drunk dude to support you all the way. I want to be the best friend that u can be messy and clean with. I want to love you, I just hope that you will love me the same.


Black heart

Black heart

In the darkest corner of a heart, lays the lagged and quenched thoughts. The trigger to a sword drawn by tongues, the force to a knife at the throat.

In the depth of that handful sized muscle are the corridors of power in which wars are forged and the seal of fate drawn. These places hold not peace but the very essence sought to defeat purposively in act the agreement of the superior mind.

The heart wants what it wants.

It’s the decisive compulsion that drags the feet to danger and the hands to do wrong. The brain override, control + shift+ alt.

And as the swords you drew at me from thine mouth stabbed me I lost the essence in blood. Spill mine I will spill yours. It’s what my heart wants, it wants blood.

Should your death be confined by my soul’s key, I would be glad.

“Strike them down!”

In riot as these hand go up for the dirge my emotions sang, I wouldn’t have hesitated.

I still did it anyway!

Let the remorse be an issue not for thine heart. The brave man must keep marching to the worlds end.

But then why is it broken?

Lonely when together

Lonely when together

For some reason I feel it’s over even before it begins. I am caught between the maze of my emotions and reasoning; for which I delay with you. “I am an annoying douchebag!”

It’s not that I don’t think you could be the one, nor the fact that you are much of what I prayed for, just that the person I was then is probably gone now, I am considering the other option. I may be prone to that decision but truly deep inside you are the kind of person that I wished for.

I don’t want to hurt your feelings, I don’t want to be the ex in the black news, I can’t live with that. I am afraid of the circumstances that would soon befall us, the distance, physical, that my racing heart may not be able to cover, that, very soon to occupy the emotional space between us. But we are not even together yet but I feel it over between us.

Truly I’m just afraid, afraid to follow my guts, afraid to loose control of my urges. I am afraid to be with you. I am afraid for what will become of me without you. All the choices no one would hold my hand to make. The choices that may lead to my doom. The urge for something different or something else that makes all other joys irrelevant. I could live in that moment but to what end my darling.

So Close…

So Close…

Is this the end?

Is this what we fought for?

I looked over into your clear blue eyes and wondered if this is where we’d end up when I met you. You see, there are those moments when like the dramatic scene in movies your eyes meet and all other things were in the blur? Well that didn’t happen, it was a clear misunderstanding of order, the very thing that would be missing from this… from us.

Had we been no so close to perfect, we wouldn’t have messed it up. Is it pure human nature? To give up when we almost made it or to reck things that were perfectly made. Consider why would we have global warming and all the animals we claim to “have had alive” that went extinct by our own doings. All the opportunities we lost because we were too proud or too cowardly. We couldn’t stand up for ourselves or were afraid of what whoever thought.

Well damn society’s double standards!

Whatever you do people would complain, even if you did everything everyone wanted, people would still complain and yes

Oh You sycophant!

So why did we let this happen? Why did we give up because we could be happy? Why did we allow the world to come between us. If they were against us all along, why did their opinion matter, that we’d accepted?

Come on, that ship has far sailed, it’s gone off course and marooned off somewhere, somewhere within us. If we dig to get it out we’d hurt each other we’d be dead before it’s realized in a classic ode to Romeo n Juliet.

I was afraid we’d hurt each other, having grown up into evangelical that “it must hurt to do good”, I hope I did just right by you. The prime thought I had sworn never to do had stuck on.

We are marked,oh sons and daughters of Cain!

The inherent evil borne by our fathers followed us out of the womb and the faultless though of love, drawn by the my own hands, has led us here. Now that I have killed you, now that I am dying next to you, oh darling what have we done?